Get Smart About Time

As our thoughts turn to Thanksgiving Day, and all the holiday fun and festivities that will follow, it’s hard to believe the year has passed by already.  Even with the unprecedented weather and climate events, the eclipse of the summer sun by the moon, and the start of a new presidential administration, it seems like time has just shot past us.  But many people are glad that fall is here.  The colorful autumn leaves really put on a show as the foliage turned to vivid colors right before our eyes.  As the golden leaves cascaded to the ground, creating piles of gorgeous reds, shades of orange, and gold, children everywhere delighted in running through them, only to have to rake them up again.  When you think of how quickly time passes, you can also think about all the ways we have measured time.  From sunlight and shadow to sun dials and simple time measuring devices that aligned with the movement of the sun, we can measure time, but we can never hold on to it.

At a time when we live by our smart devices and computers, it’s seems strange to see a watch on someone’s wrist.  You can tell the time by looking at your smart phone, but you can’t wear your phone on your wrist, use it as an accessory, and you’re asked to turn it off on many occasions – no one asks you to do that with a wrist watch. But if that watch is one of the new hybrid models from the Fossil line, don’t be fooled, there’s plenty of computing going on.  Their new smartwatches, can be programmed to use the apps you love in even less space than a phone.  And there’s something else you’ll love, the money you’ll save when you use a Groupon coupon code to buy one.

Watches are convenient in many ways.  With the twist of the wrist, you can tell time and keep talking on the phone.  Charging a phone must be done daily but a wrist watch can run for years without needing anything but a battery.  Those that run on kinetic energy have been known to run for decades.  Also, some people like watches just for fun.  They match the wristband to their outfits, and collect different models of the same brand.  Serious collectors have made thousands of dollars from one watch.  You’re not likely to have that happen with your old smartphone.

As you work your way down your Christmas shopping list this year, don’t forget the practical, affordable smart watches you can get from Fossil.  Just be sure to use a Groupon to grab one.








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