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How to be “Cancer Free” Using Natural Therapies Are you looking for chemotherapy alternatives that will allow you to cure cancer naturally? If so, you should look at the various natural therapy options available. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, his or her whole family is usually devastated an in shock. Most people are shocked to be diagnosed with cancer when they looked considerably healthy. When diagnosed with cancer, you may go to a doctor for advice and treatment. The doctors may suggest a wide range of treatments. You may be recommended for different treatments based on the type of cancer you have, in addition to being put under chemotherapy. These cancer treatment methods have many side effects. For instance, most patients start to lose hair a few weeks after they start chemotherapy. Chemotherapy and other treatments can kill the cancer cells. However, the treatments have a number of side effects that can leave patients sicker. Some of the side effects that patients who undergo chemo have to live with include chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, candida and constipation. Some patients have also be re-diagnosed with cancer a few years after they cells were killed through chemotherapy. For these reasons, it is best to look for alternative cancer treatments.
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Get Free of Cancer Without Chemotherapy You can cure cancer through natural ways by making lifestyle and dietary changes. According to a number of studies, following an all-natural plan that includes taking vegetable juicing, probiotic foods and supplements that boost the immune system can help to cure the disease. Natural health doctors also advise patients to be stress-free while undergoing their treatment. You can experience tremendous health improvements after a few months of making lifestyle and dietary changes. The cancer cells will be completely eliminated from the body in a year or two of undergoing the natural therapy.
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Natural cancer therapies do not lead to any side effects to the patients. Natural medicine experts advise cancer patients to use both natural therapies and conventional treatments to boost the body’s healing process. Among the natural treatments you can opt for curing cancer, the most common one is known as Gerson therapy. Gerson therapy was started by a doctor known as Dr. Max Gerson. The treatment was started by the German-born American doctor over 90 years ago. Patients who had cancer got healthy from the treatment administered by Dr. Gerson. Through the therapies, patients were able to get better as their bodies naturally recovered. Some of the recommendations of the Gerson therapy include taking of plant based foods, beef liver, coffee enemas and raw juices. The body’s ability to heal itself is boosted by the active ingredients in these foods. Moreover, there are no side effects associated with taking the foods. Even more important, the foods do not lead to any side effects on the body.