Natural Wonders in India worth Visiting

Travelers exploring the sounds, smells and sights of Incredible India also love to savor the delights of these stunning natural wonders, which wow with their exquisite beauty and timelessness!


Located in the state of Meghalaya (appropriately called the ‘abode of clouds’), Cherrapunji is the wettest place of earth. It gets this dubious distinction courtesy a whopping 425 inches of rainfall on an annual basis. Compared to Hawaii which receives 63 inches of rain on an average and Wales which boasts of 115 inches-Cherrapunji is the perfect destination for flaunting your galoshes.

Lush, green and criss-crossed by thousands of seasonal waterfalls, Cherrapunji is definitely a place worth visiting.

Magnetic Hill-Ladakh

Situated at a distance of 30 km from Leh, Magnetic Hill stands stoic at 14,000 feet above sea level. Boasting of strong magnetic properties, this hill is believed to have the powers to pull up stationary cars at an average speed of 20 km/hr. It’s truly an experience to watch cars climbing up the hill with their ignitions switched off-all on their own.

Magnetic Hill also makes helicopters and airplanes fly faster and at higher altitudes-so that it’s magnetic impact does not stray them off-course.

Sundarbans-West Bengal

Labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sundarbans sprawls across coastal West Bengal and is the largest tidal mangrove forest on Earth. It covers a whooping 10,000 sq km Bay of Bengal’s deltaic region and is an interconnected network of channels and waterways. Home to the Royal Bengal Tiger-an endangered species in India, Sundarban cruises are best enjoyed in the winter months of December and January.

Chir Batti- Rann- Kutch

Renowned for their barren beauty, white flatland and mesmerizing sunsets, sprawling salt marshes of Thar Desert find their way into Gujarat-through the district of Kutch.

Chir Batti or “Ghost light” as it is commonly called, is a natural phenomenon occurring in the wee hours of the night in these regions. They refer to unexplained bright lights which occur on the darkest of nights and paint the sky with red, blue and yellow hues. These strange lights move across the horizon in spherical/pear shaped blobs of fire and remain stationary in the air or sprint across the atmosphere.

A rare sight indeed!

The Himalayas

Travelers also look for lowest domestic airfare as well as air ticket fare international to get them in close proximity to the Mighty Himalayas. Home to some of the world’s highest peaks like K2, Mt. Everest and Kanchenjunga, the Himalayas boast of more 100 mountains over 7,200 m (23,600 ft)!!

Buying air ticket to destinations close to the foothills of Himalayas helps travelers revel in its various bounties-in more ways than one.




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